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Address Harvester

With this utility, you can manage e-mail addresses for newsletters and mailings.

Address Harvester extracts e-mail addresses from mailbox files. You can use this tool to create a list of the recipients or the senders of all mails stored in a mailbox. This is a convenient way to collect the addresses for a mailing or to get an overview of all the partners in a particular project. Do not use this program to send unsolicited mail – this tool is supposed to support the administrators of mailing lists or newsletters, but it is under no circumstances intended for the distribution of junk or spam mails.

You can access the mailboxes many mail programs with Address Harvester. This tool collects mails from MBox files (MBX), a format, that is used by Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora, Netscape and several other mail clients. If you have information stored in Microsoft Outlook (PST) or Outlook Express (DBX files), Address harvester provides access to those as well. And you can include e-mail addresses from text files to the consolidated list.

Address Harvester automatically removes duplicate mail addresses from the final list and with an exclusion list; you can remove addresses that are not supposed to show up in the list.

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This is a demo

This program is shareware. The demo version available for free only saves 500 addresses. In order to use this program without limitation, please buy the full version. It is available for 19.95 US-$ at Kagi.com.

Address Harvester – Download

Version 1.1; Demo for all Windows versions (Windows 98, Me, 2000 and Windows XP). The program runs on Windows Vista as well (only the 32-bit version has been tested), but Windows Mail is not supported so far.
Program languages are German and English:
(536 KBytes)

You can buy this program at Kagi.com:
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PAD file

If you are running a shareware website or produce software compilations on CD or DVD, please use this PAD file (Portable Application Description) for your documentation: harvester.xml