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This is an utility, that shuts down Windows after a given time

If you need to shut down your computer automatically at a given time, you can use Terminator to do this for you. For instance when your computer has burned a CD, recorded some TV or radio show without your surveillance, Terminator will do this for you.

1. Installation

Terminator comes without an installation program: unpack it from the ZIP archive and put it into your utility folder. You’ll have to add a link to the start menu manually.

2. Use

All you need to do is set the date and the time [Click here to get the big pic!]

Start the program and set the shutdown time and the shutdown date if necessary.

3. Additional info

If you use the autostart folder to launch Terminator automatically, you can use a startup parameter to set the shutdown time: with the following command, Terminator would close down Windows on December, 24 2002 at 3:24 P.M. and 44 seconds:
C:\Programs\Terminator.exe "24.12.2002 15:24:44"

Terminator has been tested with Windows XP. It should theoretically run on other Windows versions, too. Your computer must be able to power off after shutdown automatically.

Terminator is freeware. If you like it, send a envelope with 5 US$ or 5 Euro to the author: Matthias Schüssler, Sulzbergstrasse 1, 8400 Winterthur, Switzerland. This will help me to keep on programming.

There won’t be any support for Terminator, except for users who have followed the previous suggestion.

… but of course, I am open for proposals: matthias@clickomania.ch

Terminator – Download

Version 1.0; Freeware for all 32 bit Windows versions (English only):
(127 KBytes)

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