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Tag Converter 2.6

Easily export from InDesign and PageMaker layout files to the Web

Tag Converter ia an utility, which assists you in exporting «raw» HTML from your layout files, d.h. without the representation of the layout. Tag Converter converts the paragraph formats to the appropriate HTML formats, according to your preferences.

It’s true, Adobe InDesign and Adobe PageMaker offer both the possibility to export HTML. But the program tries to reproduce the layout. Since the limited possibilities of the HTML page description language, the result is often not satisfactory. Tag Converter is a good alternative.

Tag Converter processes text export files, which are exported from PageMaker and InDesign. The program works on plain text files with format tags. These format tags are converted to HTML tags. Tag Converter can process files in batch mode.


This procedure is applicable with Adobe PageMaker. How the job is done, is described precisely in the help file of the program.

The screen shots and some designation may not yet correspond to the actual terms used in the English version of PageMaker. Tag Converter has been developed by the use of a German copy of PageMaker. The documentation for final version will use the correct terms.

[PageMaker Export]

Export of the texts from PageMaker: Menu command File – Export – Text. In the appearing dialog, use the following settings:

Export from InDesign: The instructions will follow! Untill this page is updated, check out the help file!

[Tag Converter Start]

Prepare Tag Converter. Launch Tag Converter and choose the export directory used previously in the file list.

[Create Tag Converter exchange list]

Create an exchange chart. Hit the button «edit» next to the «exchange chart»–dropdown list:
Create first a new exchange chart by hitting the left «new» button.

The new Version converts web and e-mail addresses automatically into hyperlinks!

Convert: Now, you can convert the files. A click on «One» converts the file selected in the file list, «All» converts all the files in the current directory in batch mode.

Download Tag Converter for Windows

Version 2.6:
TC.EXE (302 KBytes)

TagConverter runs on Windows 9x, ME, 2000 and Windows XP. The tag conversion has been tested with all versions of Adobe InDesign (1, 1,5, 2, CS and CS2). The progam supports as well Adobe PageMaker 6 and 6.5.