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Other programs

I have written some other apps, which cannot be downloaded. Anyway, present them briefly here.

The screen shots are shown in reduced size on this page. To view them in full size, just click on the picture.


«Starter» is a program, which can be used for CD-ROM productions. It makes helps the user of the CD ROM, to find a quick and easy access to the contents of the data, holded on the disc, by providing buttons for the main categories.

Starter can be used with the autostart feature of Windows 9x and NT. Starter can open document files and executables. Starter can switch into a special «toolbar mode». In this mode, the program stays on top of the other windows and uses just little screen space. By staying in view permanently, it allows easy navigation, for instance when the user browses through PDF documents.

Other features:

swiss publisher CD Viewer

The access application for the graphics included on the swiss publisher CD provides an explorer-like interface. The selected graphic can be copied to the clipboard or a directory on the users hard disk or opened with an editing application, such as Photoshop, Illustrator or CorelDRAW.

There is a 16 bit version of the program with reduced function scale.

Further features:

Address import

The program imports all addresses from an Outlook Express folder and pastes them to the Windows clipboard.

The successor of Address Import is available as public version. It is called Address Harvester. All information about this tool can be found here:

> Address Harvester

Mail recode

«Mail recode» removes the line feed characters and the quote marks from mail messages. If requested, the program makes up the mail newly (adds new carriage returns; you can choose the line length). This way, there are no ugly zigzag arrangement of the paragraphs, as it can happen, when Outlook Express maltreats mail texts without adjusting the line length, after it has inserted extra quote marks. If you wish, «mail recode» adds new quote marks.

Like this, you’ll get a tidy typeface in your mail reply.

There is no Shareware version of that program by now; I only use it in private. If others could use such an program – please let me know. If enough people show interest for the program, I’ll put a public version of the program into the net.