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HTML stripper

Archiving web pages the way you want

If you often save webpages for archiving purposes on your computer, you probably know the problem: Web pages do not display correctly, if you open them from your harddisk. Java scripts cannot be executed, banners (iframes) cannot be loaded and the mouse effects (onmouseover) do not work.

HTML stripper helps: It allows you to remove all the HTML codes from a webpage, which are not necessary or useful for local use. You can filter out HTML tags or attributes, replace text and you can alter the picture folders the browsers use according to your needs and preferences.

In the configuration dialogs, you determine the tags and attributes you want to get rid of. After you have made your selection, you simply open the web pages you have saved on disk (HTML stripper has been tested with Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer). Alternatively, you can drop one or more web pages on the program window of HTML stripper, or you can use this tool from the context menu, that shows up when you right-click on a HTM file (you have to activate this feature in the configuration first – HTML stripper does not alter your system without your approval.

HTML stripper is donation ware, highly configurable. You need HTML knowledge in order to use this program.

HTML stripper – Download

Version 1.1; Donation ware for all 32 bit Windows versions (English and German):
(275 KBytes)

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