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Extension Manager

Extension Manager is a program to manage and fix the extension configurations in the Windows registry. It has editing abilities and enables the user to easily create new links and maintain the assignment of the file extensions used...

This system management/analyzing tool helps you to take a deep look into the Windows registry and to assign files with programs the way you prefer.

EMan features a full featured editor, export capability, deletion and editing functions.

You can view the registry keys grouped by several characteristics as well:

Program is in English.

Download Extension Manager

Extension Manager for Windows 9x, NT and 2000 – Download
Version 1.2. Shareware-Version

EV.Man.exe (340 KBytes)


[E Man Chart Preview: Click here to get the big pic!]

Extension Manager has been tested with Windows 98 and Windows 2000 and runs perfectly well on the new version of the operating system

Registry information editor

[Extension Manager editor Preview: Click here to get the big pic!]

EMan can collect all the Registry information to the selected file type(s), extension(s) or application(s), create *.reg files that can easily be saved and reimportet. EMan features a full featured editor for those files including search and replace, re-importing into the registry, printing etc.

Key deletion

[Extension Manager preview: Click here to get the bic pic!]

Systematical deletion of old file types and extensions. EMan can help you to ged rid of registry left overs.

Improved program configuration

[Extension Manager preview: Click here to get the big pic!]

There are more options and they are systematically organized in tabs.

Some hints for working with Extension manager:

As e-mails from users show, there is a great need for further guidance. That’s why I added the detailed help file to the version!

Use the context menu and "Edit registry code" (or F3) to export keys from the registry.

The following start parameters are supported:

Drag and drop is supported in the registry information editor

Use "Pick up keys" from the Special menu (registry information editor) to load keys into the Key dialog and be able to easily change values and keys

Use "Assign *.reg with EMan" from the Special menu to allow EMan to open

Registry files easily. And you’ll get a good example of how the registry information editor works by doing this.

Enjoy – and don’t forget to register!