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Clip This

Clip This is an add-on for the Windows explorer

Clip This is an add-on for the windows explorer. It allows to copy the name of a file or folder to the Windows clipboard.

1. Installation

The small ClipThis program (21 kb) has to be copied to the SendTo folder of your Windows operating system. The SendTo folder is located usually at the following location: C:\Documents and Settings\[Profile Name]\SendTo (on a German Windows system: C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\[Profile Name]\SendTo). «[Profile Name]» stands for your user name, for instance «Matthias».

If you cannot find the SendTo folder, use the search feature to locate it: Press F3 and search for «SendTo».
Probably, you need to make this folder visible first: In any explorer Window, use the Tools menu and click Folder Options. On the View tab, look for the entry Hidden files and folders and there, select the option Show hidden files and folders. After you have copied ClipThis.exe into the SendTo folder, you can restore the original View setting in order to hide system files.

2. Use

[Click here to get the big pic!]After the installation of Clip This, you can use this utility in the Windows explorer by clicking on a file or folder with the right mouse button: In the popup-menu, select the command Send To and Clip This (the screen shot on the left illustrates this – click on the picture to see the image with full resolution).

There seems to be no reaction by the program. This is normal: Clip This does not have a program window and it isn’t able to display any screen messages (in order to keep the file size small and to spare the author the burden of translating those texts).

Even though there is no noticeable reaction, Clip This has copied the file name to the Windows clipboard. You can insert now the file name including the path into any text document you like by using the Edit > Insert command. In the example you can see on the screen shot, your word processor or HTML editor would insert the following text: «E:\Homepage\egomania\Galerie.html». Or, if you highlight the Freecell game in your Windows system directory and then, use Clip This, you could add the following information with the insert command to your text document: «C:\WINDOWS\system32\freecell.exe»

3. Additional info

Clip This runs on Windows 95, 98, ME and on Windows NT, 2000 and Windows XP.

Clip This is freeware. If you like it, send a envelope with 5 US$ or 5 Euro to the author: Matthias Schüssler, Sulzbergstrasse 1, 8400 Winterthur, Switzerland. This will help me to keep on programming.

There won’t be any support for Clip This, except for users who have followed the previous suggestion.

... but of course, I am open for proposals: matthias@clickomania.ch

Clip This – Download

Version 1.0; Freeware for all 32 bit Windows versions, including Windows XP and Vista:
(40 KBytes)

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