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This program adds background images to folders

Backgrounder adds background images to Windows folders. Additionally, you have the possibility to choose the color of the file captions in the Windows explorer.

The new version features the option “Process subfolders”: If you check it, then, your background image will be added to all the subfolders (or a selection) as well.

Of course, there is a possibility to remove all the images!

1. Installation

There is no installation needed. Copy the program to wherever you store your applications on your harddisk and start it.

2. Use

It’s simple: First, select the folder you want to embellish with a picture. Then, choose the picture to add. If necessary resize the picture in your favorite image editor. Supported file formats are JPEG and Bitmap (BMP). Finally decide which color Backgrounder the explorer should use for file captions in this folder.

[Backgrounder screenshot]

For a screenshot of the program window, click here!

3. Additional info

Backgrounder runs only on Windows XP.

Backgrounder is freeware. If you like it, please donate 5 US-Dollars/Euros (or more) to the author. You can use the link below to give your donation via Kagi.com. This will help me to keep on programming.

Backgrounder is safe. The use of this program cannot harm your system. Nevertheless, Under no circumstances can you make me liable for any damages you might do to your system using this or any other of my applications.

Bevore you ask me questions, please read the “readme” file, which comes along with the program (you can hit the “F1” key to bring it up). Furthermore, I am open for proposals or remarks: matthias@clickomania.ch

Backgrounder – Download

Version 1.5; Freeware for Windows XP:
(304 KBytes)

If you like this program, please support my work with a donation!
> Donate at Kagi.com

PAD file

If you are running a shareware website or produce software compilations on CD or DVD, please use this PAD file (Portable Application Description) for your documentation: backgrounder.xml