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How do I win the game?

Lame answers to the question about strategic game play.

I have been asked many times about strategic game play. What tricks do help to win the game, clear the board and get a high number of points? Unfortunately, as many times as I have been asked this, I was able to give only a lame answer. I don’t know a watertight strategy. I cannot give away clues that make you win the game with ease and elegance. I actually don’t even know what I did when I happened to clear the board. So, I still don’t know if it is smarter to begin on top or on the bottom of the game, for instance.

Well, but some clues are known… When you remove stones from the top, this has only a little impact on the whole field. When you remove stones from the bottom (especially when a large group disappears), this can result in quite drastic changes of the stone constellation. So, if you basically like the way the board presents itself, then start at the top. When you are not so happy with the pattern in the field, start at the bottom and try to bring in as much movement as possible.

The game is easier, when the columns are as equal as possible. Deep “valleys” are usually not helpful, except when you are able to clear a column completely, so that stones get in touch that were separated by the removed column. This can result in great new possibilities. When there is only one or two stones left in one columns, while the surrounding columns are still towering, you reduce your change of forming groups. And usually, it’s easier to clear the board when there are piles left, than when the remaining stones are spread horizontally.

Otherwise, you have always to keep in mind that it’s your job to bring stones of the same color together. Often, the removal of little groups of two or three horizontally or vertically adjacent stones result in quite useful change of the setting. If you play the game, you’ll get an eye for that.

Some of the players think it useful to concentrate on a particular color. For instance, they start with a color that is present only in a little number. If you can eliminate one color, the game gets considerably easier. This strategy has proven pretty helpful, even though it’s not applicable all the time. Of course, you can concentrate on the color with the biggest number of stones. This can be effective as well, and it gives you more points, since removing big groups is rewarded by the game. The new indicator at the bottom of the game helps you by showing the number of stones for each color.

Besides that, it’s part of the fun to develop an individual strategy. For this it’s crucial that you play Clickomania a lot … As often as possible, that is.