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Programming Clickomania next generation

Clickomania can be controled by DDE. If you are a programmer, you can develop add-ons or tools for Clickomania.

There where some cool add-ons for Classic Clickomania. I like very much AutoClick, a solver, who uses statistic methods to play – and often win – the game.

I’d appreciate similar add-ons for Clickomania next generation. To make it easier, I added DDE support for Clickomania. I know, DDE (Dynamic data exchange) is not that hip anymore. But it’s kind of easy to implement and to use; that’s why I decided for this technology.

Here, you find a short documentation for the DDE commands Clickomania supprts.

These are the DDE server settings of Clickomania next generation:

The path to the executable is available in the registry. Open the key [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MSC-Soft\Clickomania nextgen\Game Designer] and read the String WoDumichfindest. If you are coding with Delphi, you can use this information for the TDdeClientConv.ServiceApplication property. With other programming languages it works similar, I presume.

TDdeClientConv.DdeService: clickng

TDdeClientConv.DdeTopic: ddeServer

TDdeClientItem.DdeItem: ddeServerItem

You can execute the following macros with Clickomania:

OPENGAME opens the indicated game, in this case "default".

Takes back a move (corresponds to a click on the Undo button of the main window).

Restarts the current game.

Starts a new game.

Brings up the score window.

Brings up the configuration window

Shows the about dialog.

Shows the help file.

Returns the parameters of the current game in the following order: Game name (for instance "default"), number of columns, number of rows and number of colors (different stones used).

An example: If Clickomania returns the following string
then, the current game type is "Freakig", there are 8 columns, 6 rows and the game uses 3 different colors.

Returns the current constellation on the gaming field. The return value is a StringList, For every stone on the field you get the number, the color, the left point and the top point.

If Clickomania returns the following values
1;1;0;0 2;2;35;0 3;1;70;0...
then, the first stone has color 1 and is to be found at the point 0,0, the second stone has the color 2 and can be found at the point 35,0, and so on...

This macro returns the current number of points and the state of the game.

An example:
means that you have 375 and the game is still open. Instead of GameInProgress, the following codes are used:
GameOver when you have lost the game and GameWon in case of a victory.

With this command, you can do a move on the field. In order to "click" on the first stone, you use the command
DOMOVE1. For the 32th stone, it’s DOMOVE32 and so on...

This is for testing purposes and to see, if Clickomania is there...