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For Users who know Clickomania

Clickomania Next generation is different from the predecessor. Here, you get an overview over all the news.

If you have played Clickomania before and know this game – or maybe even consider it to be one of your favorites – you will notice instantly after the first start: Clickomania Next Generation one is different.

I have programmed it new from scratch. There is not much of the original code left in the new version. This causes a lot of changes. And it’s possible that some of your beloved options in the configuration dialog are gone.

But be assured – the new Clickomania experience is worth effort to get to know how it works now. And the key thing, the rules of the game, has not changed a bit. Clickomania is as intriguing as it always was and you’ll enjoy the game just like you have done so far.

The new look: One of the changes you will become aware of when you start the game: Clickomania looks different. Less than a traditional Windows application and more like a game. The elements of the Windows user interface are almost completely gone. Clickomania should remind you not of your word processor or your bookkeeping application but a relaxing piece of software. Anyway, if you don’t like the new look, you can switch to a more classical appearance. Use the configuration dialog, select the “main” tab and check the “Use small main window” option.

Brand new game sets: The major changes are not visible at the surface: Clickomania has whole new application architecture. I implemented the possibility to give games a different look. That means, you can have different sets of stones (tiles), different sounds, backgrounds and even animations. These settings are stored in an external game file – so it is possible to add new game types anytime and very easily. And you can switch the game type anytime. Just use the “select game” button in Clickomania’s button bar. Then, you get a fly-out-menu where you can select the game you want to play.

As mentioned, all the information about the game is stored in the game set file. It contains the number of rows and columns, how many different tile colors are used in the field, the size of the stones, if special stones like rockets, bombs or rocks are used or not, the sound effects and the animations. That means that you cannot set these values in the configuration dialog anymore – that’s why this dialog is quite unfilled compared to the options you have had in the classic Clickomania version.

Your own game set can be a great way for creating a unique experience: When you set up a game file with your pictures, your sounds and your parameters, Clickomania will become a individual face – for your customers, your family or your friends.

There is (e.g., at the present moment: there will be) an editor for creating game settings. So, you can create your own Clickomania games with your pictures, your settings and your sound effects. With the new game editor, it won’t be difficult. And because you can do it on your own, it’s much cheaper that the MyClickomania option you had with the classical game. And the best is: With the game editor, you can create as many game sets as you want. With the Internet scores (see below), you can even run Clickomania competitions on your website. Isn’t that great news?

Internet scores: One of the most wanted features was web scores. So, the great news is: Clickomania Next Generation has them! In the score dialog, Clickomania players have the possibility to upload their results to a web server. So, you can compete against your friends or family over the Internet. And if you set up your own Clickomania game file, you can run the web scores on your web server: So, people who want to look how they have performed, will visit your page and come back to you on a regular basis.

But no one has to publish her or his scores in the web. Clickomania only connects to the Internet, when you push the “Publish” button – and only for uploading the results: Clickomania is no adware, no spyware and no Trojan; you can have my word on this.

Notice that it is possible that some of the game sets do not offer web scores: This feature has to be activated for every game set.

And if you are behind a proxy server: Clickomania is not (yet) able to send the results through a proxy server.

Your own background pictures – how you use them now: One of the most appreciated features of “Classic Clickomania” was the possibility for the players to use their own images as backgrounds for the game field. This option is not available in the configuration dialog anymore. But nevertheless, you still have the possibility to use your own pictures as backgrounds. The configuration works differently now. In order to use your own images as backgrounds, you browse to the Clickomania directory with the Windows explorer. Create a folder and put the images you want Clickomania to display as backgrounds to this folder. Instead of creating a folder, you can drop a link to the folder you want to use into the Clickomania program directory. Important: In order to make it work, you have to name this directory or the link like the game you want to use it with. So, if you want to use backgrounds with the game set “4colors”, you have to name the picture folder or the link to the picture folder “4colors”.

The advantage of this way of doing it: You can use different pictures with the different game sets.

New scoring: Clickomania uses a new method of calculating your result. Different factors have influence on your result: How strategically you play, how many stones are left at the end and how much time you need for your game. I intend to implement the possibility to use a separate score calculating methods with a game set, but this probably won’t be part of version 1 of the game.

You’ll find a short list of the features here.