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Feature at a glance

A quick list with the features you find in Clickomania Next Generation.

Different game sets: You can play games with different looks and settings. You could think of different levels; but you don’t need to play the levels in a given order. Depending on your mood, you can play harder or easier games or you can select an easy game for your kids. Or for your little sister. Press the “Select game” button in the main window and click on the game you like. Or simply try every game that’s there.

Upload scores to the Internet: See if you can beat your friends or other competitors. To use the web scores, keep the score window open while you play. To open the score window, click on the score button of the main window. When you feel that you have achieved a good result, click the “Publish” button: Your result will be uploaded to the Internet and you immediately see how you have done compared to other players.

Creation of own game sets: With the Clickomania game editor, you can create individual game sets with a distinguish look. Use your own pictures for the background, for the stones (tiles), set your own sounds and animations and determine how many rows, columns and colors are in the game.

You can find a detailed list of features here.