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The configuration dialog

The options of the configuration dialog explained in brief.

Main tab

Use small main window: Instead of the new look without the usual Windows elements, you can switch to a more classic program design by checking this box.

Play sounds: Uncheck this option to play silently.

Show tooltips: If you hover over a buttons on the main window, a tooltip indicates the purpose of this button. If you don’t like tooltips, uncheck this option.

Set path: Tell Clickomania next generation where the game files are saved. If you run Clickomania from a write protected drive (a CD, for example), you can set a path on your local harddisk. This way, Clickomania is able to store a score file (CSC) with your results. You need to manually move all game files (CNG) to the folder you have set here.

Language tab

LIst of languages available: Select the language you want to use for the help file and program texts.